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Media Spotlight

This blog post is dedicated to all of Enlitia's media coverage. This means that we'll be continuously updating this blog post with all Enlitia's new media pieces, so you can get up to date.

Quick tip: if you want to read these media pieces in English, you can use your browser's embedded translator (eg. Chrome or Brave).

Enlitia's Launch and Spin-off from Smartwatt

Enlitia was launched on the 16th of May 2023. From that day forward, Enlitia got a lot of media coverage from some of the main Portuguese media companies.

We'll be leaving a list with all the press releases, ordered by date (from the oldest to the newest):

Opinion Articles & Interviews

Several subjects are related to Enlitia's universe, like AI and algorithms, for example. From time to time, our CEO, Tiago Santos, is invited to share his view on some hot topics covered by the media.

Here are the latest opinion articles that were published (from the oldest to the newest):

Platform news & media coverage

Since the launch of our platform, the media have been buzzing and sharing our platform in their channels. Here's what was published (from the oldest to the newest):

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