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We use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse energy data and identify opportunities for profit optimisation and maximise energy availability.

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Optimise your revenue and improve operations.

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Enlitia has been monitoring renewable energy data from over 10,000 assets.

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Our algorithms enable a near-total supply of renewable energy, reaching up to 99%.

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of value created per GW

Over a 25-year lifecycle, our algorithms generate an average of €50M per GW of additional value.

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AI is great, an algorithm ecosystem is even greater

An algorithm ecosystem is a powerful way to combine two or more algorithms to produce better insights than either one could on its own. In order to provide a more comprehensive solution for your business, we use an algorithm ecosystems powered by years of research and development for the renewable energy industry.

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What our clients say about us

"Working with Enlitia means having a highly committed team at your disposal, which faces challenges with enthusiasm and creativity, offering effective solutions to any problems or unforeseen events."

Inês Graça
Customer Experience, E-Redes

"Enlitia is fully available and eager to deliver value consistently. They commit to our needs and pushed further to achieve higher results. Their methodology is making a difference in the way our teams perform."

João Santos
Innovation, Research & Development Manager, Ventient Energy

"In the relationship established over several months, Enlitia has demonstrated its technical and business knowledge, contributing to Galp's digitalization path with the systematization of architectural designs and the development of scalable digital solutions with a guarantee of robustness for business continuity."

André Teodora
Power Market Manager, Galp

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