Get early access to our Asset Performance Monitoring Platform

Get to know your renewable energy assets' performance status in a matter of seconds, rather than spending hours or days trying to identify performance issues.

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The platform for all Asset Managers

We have developed an Asset Performance Monitoring Platform dedicated to streamlining the work of renewable energy Asset Managers. Using our ground-breaking platform you can start unlocking value from your assets in a matter of seconds.

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1. Sign up for the open beta program

You just have to submit the requested info into the form on the left.

2. Meet the team and align the requirements

The second stage of our open beta program is to book a call with you, in a time slot that better suits you, so we can assess your needs and start the setup process of our Asset Performance Monitoring Platform. At this stage, we'll take care of other things as well, such as NDA agreements and other bureaucracy needed so we can continue the process.

3. Connect your data

At this stage, we'll start connecting all your assets' data to our platform. This way, you'll start "feeding" our algorithms with real data from your renewable energy assets.

4. Start unlocking value from your assets!

All things are done! Yes, it is that simple. After the data is connected to our Asset Performance Monitoring Platform, everything is set for you to start using our platform and to start optimising your renewable energy assets' performance, by quickly identifying underperformance issues and consequently reducing your deviation and O&M costs.