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Our AI platform

Enlighten your asset data with a unified platform

Providing a single, unified access point of data for wind and solar power, we help businesses operate more efficiently to increase their energy production and ROI. Our Algorithm Ecosystem measures portfolio performance and data quality, improving energy availability.

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Talk to our experts and learn how Enlitia's Artificial Intelligence Platform can optimize your renewable energy assets and decision-making process.

Our algorithms

Improve wind and solar performance


Performance optimization

The combination of Enlitia's algorithms enables you to measure your energy performance from rotors and cells to turbines and panels. This performance data allows possible issues to be acted on faster than ever.

Also, you can make more informed decisions on maintenance, placement and orientation of the portfolio. This results in less downtime, higher energy availability and production, as well as improved ROI.


Wind energy

From rotors to turbines

Power curve analysis

  • Identifies performance issues
  • Detects unscheduled work and curtailment
  • Enables wind turbine benchmark

Equipment failure detection

  • Detects potential failures or malfunction
  • Triggers alarms
  • Helps scheduling maintenance
Wind energy

Solar energy

From cells to panels

Power curve analysis

  • Identifies performance issues in real time
  • Detects shading, temperature, and degradataion issues
  • Enables solar inverter benchmark

Cleaning strategy

  • Estimates soiling issues
  • Triggers cleaning alarms and facilitates cleaning strategies
  • Ensures operation at maximum potential
Solar energy

Data quality analysis

Reliable wind and solar data

Data profiling is an essential part of our algorithms, as it allows for the understanding of missing and unique values or outliers. It determines expected values for each variable, establishes correlation between variables for the same time frame, and combines all metrics into a percentage metric. Also, data type inference issues are displayed.

Data quality analysis

Power forecast

Predictable results

The platform integrates multi-power forecast providers to ensure data accuracy by covering a wide timespan, ranging from a few hours to several days ahead. Updating its forecasts hourly through real-time SCADA, weather and satellite data allows for wind and solar energy production to be predicted.

Power forecast
Our Platform: Powered by our ALGORITHM ECOSYSTEM

Your assets' data, crystal clear


Immediately know where to look: With interactive card display alarms and information categorized by type and severity, it's easy to interpret. Then, contact your team through the platform to streamline workflow.

All farms

Get all relevant information in one dashboard: You'll find granular asset management with real-time information, holistic performance monitoring down to tiny details and a map view of the portfolio status, all in one.


Dive deep into the output of the algorithms: The detailed information allows you to fully understand the data. From graphs, plots, series and others to visualize data along with it downloadable in CSV, it's never been easier.

Features of our aI PLATFORM

Built for energy efficiency

Data Quality Index

Understanding the data quality behind the calculations is critical to trusting the results. Each metric is rated with a data quality index that evaluates the accuracy of the metric according to the data from our algorithms.

Performance Index

Making accurate decisions on the management of assets is key. This index provides you the ability to understand the behaviour of each asset in terms of daily, weekly and monthly performance. By the combination of these three metrics, you can easily understand the complete picture of your overall performance.

Asset Health Index

Analysing variables like component temperatures and vibrations, lightning, dust or thunderstorm conditions, enables you to understand deviation from the normal behaviours by a simple index.

Predictive Index

Exploring the capacity factor up to 10 days ahead facilitates maintenance planning, team organisation and many other activities.

Smooth Data Integration

Working on top of existing data, our software does not need physical installation. You choose where to host our platform, on-cloud or on-prem.

Cybersecurity Compliance

Following the best practises on the industry for software development and cybersecurity, Enlitia ensures the security of your assets' data.

Enlitia's algorithm illustrated animation
Data Quality Index
Performance Index
Asset Health Index
Predictive Index
Smooth Data Integration
Cybersecurity Compliance
Features of our algorithm ecosystem

Built for energy efficiency

Our AI platform in action

See the live platform in action


High explainability

Our dashboard provides comprehensive and transparent data about your assets in order to help you understand, manage and improve your portfolio.

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Performance measurement

Our platform allows you to measure and forecast the performance of your wind and solar portfolio using different metrics and algorithms.

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Guaranteed data quality

As our Algorithm Ecosystem not only keeps track of your  assets but also of data quality, you always know when there is room for improvement.

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