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Turning AI into ROI with our fully customized solutions

When our ready-to-deploy solutions don't fit the job, we develop uniquely tailored solutions. These solutions are 100% built for your needs so you can reduce O&M and deviation costs, improve efficiency and increase sustainability.

Fast execution, fully tailored

Executive briefing

A few hours

Problem assessment

3 to 4 weeks

AI model deployment

3 to 6 months
Success stories

Some of Enlitia's tailor-made solutions

Innovation hub

We combine the most advanced AI technology with years of experience in the energy field to increase asset performance by 1%. By increasing uptime and reducing failures, we maximise profit and improve energy availability. To provide you with full control of the portfolio in real time, we developed a web platform and a mobile app with multiple data sources and the team's knowledge.

Up to 99% energy availability

Energy trading

We took energy trading to a new dimension by combining and integrating forecasts from different energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro. With this, the decision-making process is simplified, deviations are minimised and both accuracy and revenue is maximised.

Up to <0,5% error deviation on energy price forecast

Hydro optimisation

We maximised the value of water on the system. External and internal variables, such as rainfall forecast, on the one hand, and operating plan and safety coefficient on the other, are considered. The solution deployed for the Portuguese portfolio optimises the water available and reduces the downtime period.

€150,000 of annual savings for 100 MW of installed power

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