2023 Conference


The New Levels of Performance

Explore the dynamic world where technology intersects with energy, as we explore how Generative AI empowers high-performance teams, enhances individual capabilities, and optimises valuable resources. Engage with industry experts who will illuminate the transformative potential of AI, revolutionising and shaping its future

29 June, 2023
2 PM - 9:30 PM
Lisbon, Portugal

AI FOR ENERGY: The Program

2 PM - Check In & Welcome Drink

Enjoy a relaxed start to set the mood to make the most of the next hours.

2:30 PM - Reach new levels of performance with Enlitia

Meet, Enlitia. Formerly known as Smartwatt Intelligence, this one-month-old venture has something to say to the energy industry. Find more about us, what we are doing and the future.

2:45 PM - Algorithm Ecosystem for Energy

Enlitia has been designing algorithms for more than 5 years, creating a network of interconnected algorithms, tools, and platforms that collaborate to unlock new insights for energy. We will explore the concept and the new layers of information.

3PM - High Performance Teams & Individuals | Ricardo Peixe

As the world evolves into a more fast-paced and dynamic environment, we are asked each day to do more, in less time, to be better and to deliver more value every time.

Technology is one of the key enablers to this paradigm, with AI itself being a game-changer, revolutionising the way we work and live, and freeing up time for innovation and strategic thinking, augmenting human capabilities. But it really does? How can we take practical advantage of it?

4:45 PM - The AI Odyssey | Dino & Francesco Esposito

Dino will unveil the path that led to the creation of GPT, a groundbreaking language model. Explore the rich history of AI, from its nascent stages to the turning point that propelled GPT to the forefront of innovation. And Francesco will uncover the new paradigm enabled by Language Models, including Conversational Programming and the power of prompting as a programming language. Dive into the seamless integration of natural language as a user interface and the benefits of data and model separation. Witness the birth of a new era where natural language shapes technology.

5:45 PM - Generative AI Evolution | Andrei Petreanu

Andi will dive into in the world of generative AI and its evolution. Explore the fascinating journey of parameters, model evolution, and the profound impact of generative AI on various industries. Join us as we conclude with an exciting live demo, featuring a chatbot powered by real data from a renewable energy power producer. Witness the future, through the fusion of creativity and practicality through the transformative capabilities of generative AI.

> 6:30 PM - The power of information and data during Cocktail Dinatoire

After so much knowledge and information, we will relax on a Cocktail, enjoying Lisbon sunset. But, before that, something challenging will happen.

AI FOR ENERGY: The Speakers

Dino Esposito
CTO at Crionet

After 20+ books (mostly with Microsoft Press) that educated two generations of developers, 1000+ articles, hundreds of conference talks and 10000+ hours of training, Dino returned to software development and now serves as CTO at Crionet, leading the IT team that supports and guarantees every-day, worldwide operations for professional tennis and padel. He also serves as a technical advisor in Youbiquitous and KBMS Data Force.

Francesco Esposito
Head of Engineering & Data at Crionet

Francesco holds a degree in Mathematics and wrote three books for Microsoft Press: Introducing Machine Learning, Programming ML.net, Prompt Engineering and OpenAI API programming (to be published in 2023). He's the Head of Engineering & Data at Crionet. Francesco also founded Youbiquitous, a data analysis and software factory, and KBMS Data Force a startup in Digital Therapy and intelligent healthcare.

Tiago Santos
CEO & Founder at Enlitia

Tiago possesses a profound interest in strategy, artificial intelligence technologies, data, and analytics. He consistently prioritises delivering value with a business-centric mindset, while maintaining a strong vision for innovation and evolution. With his expertise and a keen eye for emerging trends, Tiago is talented at driving impactful strategies that propel businesses forward.

Andrei Petreanu
CEO at Brainwaves

Andrei is a dedicated and hands-on Tech-Lead Architect with a decade of experience in AI Systems. He excels in bridging the gap between visionary founders and talented engineers, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. With a passion for cutting-edge technology, Andrei brings valuable expertise to various fields, ensuring seamless integration and impactful solutions.

Ricardo Peixe
High-Performance Coach

Ricardo is a High-Performance Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Expert in Communication and Influence, while being a university speaker and lecturer as well. His relentless pursuit to understand the processes and characteristics of personal and business success has provided him with highly effective content and methods, which he regularly applies in his speeches and interventions.

Renewable Energy Industry: the common ground

The renewable energy industry, particularly in the utilities sector, stands at a pivotal point, shaped by both present challenges and future opportunities. With this transition comes the pressing need for efficient asset management and performance optimisation.

Looking to the future, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) hold tremendous promise for revolutionising the industry. AI-driven solutions have the potential to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and unlock new levels of performance. Specifically, AI can play a pivotal role in optimising asset performance. By harnessing the power of AI algorithms, and Algorithm Ecosystems, O&M teams can proactively identify underperformance issues, predict maintenance requirements, and improve overall energy output.

Through AI-powered asset performance monitoring platforms, the renewable energy industry can gain valuable insights into the health and condition of its assets. These platforms utilise advanced algorithms to normalize and cleanse data, enabling utilities to make data-driven decisions and implement predictive maintenance strategies. By leveraging AI, utilities can significantly reduce downtime, optimise maintenance schedules, and ultimately enhance the overall energy performance of their assets. All of this is possible by unlocking the power of available data.

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, AI technologies will play an increasingly pivotal role in driving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. By embracing AI and capitalising on its potential, utilities can usher in a new era of optimised asset performance, ensuring a greener and more reliable future for all.

Generative AI: groundbreaking technology

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new and original content, such as images, videos, text, or even entire virtual worlds. Unlike other forms of AI that primarily analyse and classify existing data, generative AI is capable of generating novel and unique outputs based on patterns and knowledge learned from a given dataset.

Generative AI systems are typically built upon advanced machine learning techniques, such as deep learning and neural networks. These models learn the underlying patterns and structures within a dataset and use that knowledge to generate new content that closely resembles the training data. The generated outputs often exhibit creativity, diversity, and the ability to mimic human-like qualities.

One common approach in generative AI is the use of generative adversarial networks (GANs), which consist of two neural networks: a generator and a discriminator. The generator generates new content, while the discriminator evaluates the generated content against real examples. Through an iterative process of training and feedback, GANs learn to generate increasingly realistic and high-quality outputs. Some outputs can be really "mind-blowing"!

Generative AI has found applications across various fields, including art, entertainment, design, and now increasingly in industries like renewable energy. In the context of renewable energy, generative AI can be utilised to optimize energy production, predict energy demand, simulate energy systems, and design more efficient renewable energy infrastructure. By leveraging generative AI, researchers and asset managers in the renewable energy industry can explore alternative design possibilities, optimise energy systems, and simulate scenarios to improve the efficiency and performance of their assets. The ability to generate new and creative solutions through AI-driven algorithms can accelerate innovation and lead to major improvements in asset performance and asset management.

Overall, generative AI represents a powerful tool that expands the boundaries of what AI can achieve. It offers the potential to create new and original content, drive innovation, and revolutionise industries, including the renewable energy sector, by unlocking new possibilities and addressing complex challenges. Of course, these technologies alone are nothing. We'll always need bright minds behind it to truly reach new levels of performance.

High Performance Teams: AI x Performance

High-performance teams have long been a driving force behind successful businesses, and now, with the power of AI, their potential for productivity and success is further amplified. AI technologies offer immense possibilities for optimising team performance and unlocking new levels of efficiency and collaboration.

One significant advantage of AI in enhancing team productivity is its ability to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. By leveraging AI-powered tools and software, teams can offload mundane responsibilities, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. This not only saves time but also frees up team members to devote their energy to critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

Furthermore, AI can empower high-performance teams with intelligent insights and decision-making support. By analysing vast amounts of data, AI algorithms can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that humans may overlook. This enables teams to make more informed and data-driven decisions, leading to better outcomes and improved performance.

Collaboration is another area where AI can make a significant impact. With AI-driven collaboration tools, teams can seamlessly share information, coordinate tasks, and foster effective communication, regardless of geographical barriers. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can streamline workflows, answer routine queries, and provide instant support, promoting efficient teamwork and reducing friction.

Moreover, AI can enhance team performance through advanced analytics and predictive capabilities. By analyzing past performance data and identifying key success factors, AI can provide valuable insights into optimising team dynamics, resource allocation, and skill development. AI algorithms can also forecast future trends, enabling teams to proactively adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

As we embrace the possibilities of AI in team performance, it is crucial to prioritise ethical considerations, transparency, and human-AI collaboration. AI should be seen as a supportive tool that augments human capabilities rather than a replacement. By harnessing the power of AI to its full potential and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, high-performance teams can unleash their full potential and achieve exceptional results in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The Venues: Leap 7 Rios & Hotel Corinthia

This special day is going to take place in two different venues: Leap 7 Rios and Hotel Corinthia. These are two stunning places where you'll be able to appreciate all the beauty that the amazing city of Lisbon has to offer.

Leap 7 Rios

LEAP works as an entrepreneur's community, more than just being an office centre. With unforeseen dynamics and a flexible format, LEAP works to improve the experience of sharing the same moments. So, this is a perfect venue to match our special day where we certainly want to share a lot!

Hotel Corinthia Lisbon

Corinthia Hotels are spread all around the world. In this case, we'll be visiting the Corinthia Lisbon: a stunning hotel filled with beautiful spaces and ready to provide us with a unique experience.

Meeting point: how to get there

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R. de Campolide 351 0.05, 1070-034 Lisboa, Portugal

Where to stay for the night

Mercure Lisbon
4 Star Hotel
2 minutes by foot
From 145€ per night
Book online
Corinthia Lisbon
5 Star Hotel
3 minutes by foot
From 300€ per night
Book online

2022 Invitees Feedback

Last year's event, or special moment as we like to call it, gathered some incredible feedback from our invitees. We really didn't expect all the positive feedback we got. Since it felt so good to read it, we decided to share with you some of the comments we got. For privacy reasons, we've hidden all personal information from all of our testimonials.

"Feeling smarter and with the right context to leverage our human and artificial intelligence!"
"A wonderful event that contributes a lot to the personal and professional development of all of us."
"Excellent initiative that provided a different day around such an important theme for the success of any business!"

Enlighters: go-to team members in case of any doubt

Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos
Bernardo Almeida
Bernardo Almeida
Head of Customer Success
Rita Gonçalves
Rita Gonçalves
Head of Marketing